What forms your outlook on the future?

Into the future?

You see the past crystal clear, in all the detail that could be, you see the moments of happiness, you see the moments of triumph, the moments of pain, the moments of sorrow, everything right there at an instant for you to take in. Your past shapes your present, and your present shapes your future. You see the past, you live the present, but what about the future, that black void can you truly no anything of what is to come. Sure you can say “I have a test on next week” but even that is concrete, what if your teacher falls ill and the test is pushed back. So no I would conclude nothing about the future is foreseeable and in one sense that is good, it is better then the past pain, in a sense it is bad because it could be worse then past joys.

Now your left with an anxious excited apprehension, anxious about the unknown, excited about potential joys, and apprehensive about the pain. But that is what makes about life; two things joy and pain, they make up even the anxiety about the unknown because really would the unknown be that bad if it was filled with joys and would it be at all good if it were filled with just pain.

So in the truest sense your past shapes your future, at least as you see it now, in the present. If you had pain in the past well your going to see pain in the future, things more often stay the same then change (even Newton knew that “Objects at rest tend to stay at rest… objects in motion tend to stay in motion”).