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Month: January, 2012

Amusing Irony

As some may now in recent news site Megavideo.com was shutdown. Well two weeks before this occurred yours truly made a python script to download videos from said site, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/539780/ . I guess it wasn’t long lasting. Oops ;).

The experience was fun over all, at first there was a problem with videos longer than 72 minutes (megavideo only let you watch 72 minutes of video).
The problem was upon resuming the download and fusing the flvs together the video was stopped and corrupt past 72 minutes… the reason was a flash header (onCuePoint) was put at 72 minutes to notify the player. After realising that (using notepad++ and looking at the flvs (headache inducing!)) it was simple to remove the header and fix the problem.

Again not long lasted but still fun and rewarding.


Pandora not working in Firefox? Disable FlashBlock

Recently I have been encountering the error seen below.

Pandora's Load Error

Pandora's error screen.

In order to fix this error simply go to your addon window and disable FlashBlock. After doing this you will be prompted to restart Firefox, Once you do so tada Pandora is back to playing music not showing you a loading screen.


There you go Pandora is back to normal.