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What forms your outlook on the future?

Into the future?

You see the past crystal clear, in all the detail that could be, you see the moments of happiness, you see the moments of triumph, the moments of pain, the moments of sorrow, everything right there at an instant for you to take in. Your past shapes your present, and your present shapes your future. You see the past, you live the present, but what about the future, that black void can you truly no anything of what is to come. Sure you can say “I have a test on next week” but even that is concrete, what if your teacher falls ill and the test is pushed back. So no I would conclude nothing about the future is foreseeable and in one sense that is good, it is better then the past pain, in a sense it is bad because it could be worse then past joys.

Now your left with an anxious excited apprehension, anxious about the unknown, excited about potential joys, and apprehensive about the pain. But that is what makes about life; two things joy and pain, they make up even the anxiety about the unknown because really would the unknown be that bad if it was filled with joys and would it be at all good if it were filled with just pain.

So in the truest sense your past shapes your future, at least as you see it now, in the present. If you had pain in the past well your going to see pain in the future, things more often stay the same then change (even Newton knew that “Objects at rest tend to stay at rest… objects in motion tend to stay in motion”).


Gstreamer you are a thorn in my side.

Whoever decided to have gstreamer’s http support use the HTTP Ranger header for seeking. To the author of that code, it is NOT the server’s job to have YOUR media backend seek, it is YOUR responsibility. Ok it may be reasonable if that part of the media isn’t downloaded but when all of the media is downloaded you are only issuing more HTTP requests to a remote server to get data you already have, why not just use that.

TL;DR Gstreamer it isn’t the server’s responsibility it is yours to take care of media seeking.

Amusing Irony

As some may now in recent news site Megavideo.com was shutdown. Well two weeks before this occurred yours truly made a python script to download videos from said site, http://paste.pocoo.org/show/539780/ . I guess it wasn’t long lasting. Oops ;).

The experience was fun over all, at first there was a problem with videos longer than 72 minutes (megavideo only let you watch 72 minutes of video).
The problem was upon resuming the download and fusing the flvs together the video was stopped and corrupt past 72 minutes… the reason was a flash header (onCuePoint) was put at 72 minutes to notify the player. After realising that (using notepad++ and looking at the flvs (headache inducing!)) it was simple to remove the header and fix the problem.

Again not long lasted but still fun and rewarding.

Pandora not working in Firefox? Disable FlashBlock

Recently I have been encountering the error seen below.

Pandora's Load Error

Pandora's error screen.

In order to fix this error simply go to your addon window and disable FlashBlock. After doing this you will be prompted to restart Firefox, Once you do so tada Pandora is back to playing music not showing you a loading screen.


There you go Pandora is back to normal.

wx.ListCtrl in wxPython

In wxPython the wxListCtrl can be a handy widget to display such things as data or music.

Example List Ctrl from the wxPython demo

But how do you use a list control… here are some basics…


To add a column to the List Control you can do this

# First create the list control in REPORT style

list_control = wx.ListCtrl(parent, id, …, style = wx.LC_REPORT)

list_control.InsertColumn(0, “Column 1”)

list_control.InsertColumn(1, “Column 2”)

list_control.InsertColumn(2, “Column 3”)

To add text data you can call

list_control.Append( “Column 1”, “Column 2”, “Column 3”)

and that would add a new row of data to the first three columns. Simple right? To do more advance stuff we first have to look at how a list control is organized…

Editing ListCtrl data (List Control Items)

The wx ListCtrl is made up of items each cell (intersection of a row and a column) is an item. To get an item you can get

item = list_control.GetItem(ROW, COL)

Then to manipulate the item you run one of the methods the ListCtrl has

For example

# First get the item

item = list_control.GetItem(ROW, COL)

# Then say change the text

list_control.SetItemText(item, “This is the new text”)

For a full list of all the available functions you can go to…


Keeping track of rows

To keep track of rows and columns (say if you use the List Control Column Sorter Mixin) you can set the Data

# Set Item Data

list_control.SetItemData(item, data)


# Later retrieve the data

data = list_control.GetItemData(item)

This lets you identify what the row and column are even if the rows or columns are reorganized.

And that is pretty much all you need to know…

Signing up for a Gmail email account, without needing to verify your account using a phone.

Note: Please don’t use this to abuse Gmail, Google offers a free and very nice email system don’t ruin it for people.


If it has been a while sense you have last signed up for a gmail account, you may be surprised to find out that Google has started asking to verify your account (image below) asking for your phone number. Google’s reason…

Why Google asks for your phone number

In an effort to protect our users from abuse, we sometimes ask users to verify their identity before they’re able to create or sign into accounts. Requiring proof of identification via phone is an effective way to keep spammers from abusing our systems.


Now I am sure that this is to stop abuse of Google’s systems (though how it hurts you I don’t know), I did after all eventually find out how to bypass this on a forum talking about automatically creating gmail accounts (link bellow).

Reasons (or the Why?)

Other than for automatically creating accounts here are some reasons why you might not want to give your number

· You don’t want to give Google your telephone number.

· You don’t have a phone

· You have reached the number of email accounts you can create with a single number (6 I believe)

· Some other reason that I haven’t thought of here

Google suggests that if you don’t have a phone you can use a friends, this is too much just for a simple email account in my opinion also what if none of your friends have phones either (it would count towards one of the accounts registered with their number too.)

Here is how to bypass this verification

1. Private Mode

Depending on if you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome you need to open “private browsing”

On Internet Explorer Click Safety > InPrivate Browsing (or press Ctrl + Shift + P)


On Firefox Click Tools > Start Private Browsing (or press Ctrl + Shift + P)


On Safari Click Safari > Private Browsing

See http://osxdaily.com/2007/02/09/private-browsing-little-known-safari-feature/ for more info.

On Google Chrome clip_image010Click > New incognito window (or press Ctrl + Shift + N)


2. Creating an account

Once in Private Browsing mode (or Incognito mode in Chrome’s case) go to gmail.com as usually and click Create an Account clip_image014

Filling out the email information is IMPORTANT

First, for the First and Last Name fill in gibberish


Second, for the Sercurity question use one of the preset ones (you can change it later for more security) and make the answer nonsense


Third (Optional), set your county to Mexico or a similar country (one that doesn’t have age restrictions for internet and email accounts or has less strict laws) and you won’t have to give your Date of Birth


Fill out the rest as normal and click the Create Account button.

Normally you would see the verification page, however because you enabled Private Browsing and filled out nonsense you will instead see a page congratulating you on your new account.


Help this doesn’t work!

If this doesn’t work try changing the first and last name you give Google and try unplugging your router for 5 to 10 seconds and plugging it back in and then try again. If it still doesn’t work try again the next day (that is what finally got it working for me)

Things to consider

If you did just give them your phone number, they do keep it otherwise how else would they know when you have created six email accounts and reached your limit. Also Google is primarily an ad company who is to say they won’t later text you with “special offers” (aka ads) for crap. This may seem Orwellian but hey why give them more information then YOU want to.

Link to original post: http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/email-marketing-opt-lists/113263-gmail-keeps-asking-verifying-via-sms.html

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